Support with Government Relations

Africa in Motion offers African governments and parliaments support in developing good relations with the Dutch government.

Our public affairs advisor Harry van Bommel has been active in national and international politics for three decades. For nearly twenty years he was spokesperson on developmental affairs and European & foreign affairs in the Dutch parliament. Mr. Van Bommel currently advises foreign governments on issues as development, trade, and international recognition. Occasionally he serves as an international election monitor for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Africa in Motion facilitates meetings of incoming African governmental and parliamentary delegations with their Dutch counterparts. AIM helps to set up a strategy to improve good relations that benefit all parties. AIM has a vast network of NGO’s, social enterprises and Chambers of Commerce. Working with AIM could be the beginning of a lasting and promising relation with the Netherlands. Especially countries that have a diaspora in the Netherlands find their way to AIM. Through the diaspora AIM has valuable knowledge about African countries, their economies and cultures.

Afrikagro Europe B.V.