Moving the African Diaspora from the position of observers in development issues to the one of decision makers and initiators of own targeted development priorities in Africa.

The Ubuntu Fund is a collective investment fund that provides an innovative approach to leveraging the money from the Diaspora to invest in sustainable  businesses with high return on investment in Africa and the Netherlands.

Beside on the focus areas with high return on investment, the fund will invest in social enterprises projects introduced by African migrants and Dutch private initiatives

  • African migrants: individuals, organizations, workers, non-workers, students, living in the Netherlands and the EU
  • African Diaspora worldwide
  • Dutch citizens, individuals and organizations interested or active in Africa
  • Dutch and African Banks

Africa In Motion motivates Africans migrants who send money back to think, act differently and start a process of collective investment  into businesses that create jobs and generate wealth in both hosting countries and countries of origin. By embracing this new approach, the African Diaspora will acquire the ability to operate at macro- economic level in countries of origin and increase their impact on development. 

The following issues are the reason we started the Ubuntu Mutual Fund:

  1. The limited impact of remittances on the development at macro-economic level.
  2. The limited involvement of African migrants by foreign investments in their countries of origin.
  3. The limited average of projects from the diaspora being funded by Dutch or EU institutions, banks or  NGO’s.

Dutch companies and organizations will be involved by the implementation and realization of the different projects. Doing so, the fund can be seen as a tool for African migrants, to contribute to the economical wealth of their host country, the Netherlands.