The Cacao Coalition

Ready to melt down some inequalities?

At the Cacao Coalition we are all in love with chocolate – but less so with the supply chain in which chocolate is developed. By partnering in positive and actionable conversations we would like to challenge all stakeholders involved to re-evaluate their position within the current chain. With a positive attitude, let’s inspire each other, motivate others and work together.

Networks to learn from. Campaigns to build on.

The aim of facilitating networks is to fortify knowledge sharing and collaborations. At this starting point, the Coalition team will organize several (online) brainstorms through which existing players within the cacao sector can share ideas and best practices on how they believe challenges within the sector can best be tackled.

As a result of these brainstorms,  the core team will visualize low hanging fruits in the sector on which we can build positive campaigns to:

  •  Get chocolate consumers involved in the transition towards a better supply chain.
  • Team up as a Coalition with cacao companies to tackle issues and increase the positive value within their value chains – being it either in Ghana, the Ivory Coast or the Netherlands.

Meet our team!

Fairer than Fairtrade

A report on the possible role for African Diaspora in the cacao supply chain. 

An Intercontinental Collaborative

The reason that we started the Cacao Coalition in the Netherlands is because we believe that this country bears a big responsibility within the sector – being the biggest importer of chocolate in the world. However, that does not mean that we only focus on stakeholders within the Dutch borders. As most of our team members are African Diaspora and most farmers involved are Ghanaian or Ivorian, we are forming chapters in these two countries as well. As a result, Africa In Motion (AIM) is an extremely important implementation partner due to its strong networks both in the Netherlands as in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. In this manner we strive for a collaborative effort between Dutch, Ghanaian and Ivorian cacao enthusiasts.