Africa In Motion is a Public Benefit Organization and has the ANBI-status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). This means donations are tax deductible and AIM is exempted from inheritance tax and gift tax on inheritances and gifts we receive.

AIM can be found at ANBI by the RISN-number: 851565359.

Donations are welcome and well appreciated. If you require more details about donating, please send an e-mail to Donations can be made to NL08 INGB 0004 3052 21. 

The board represents the foundation Africa In Motion. The board has at least 3 members (chairman, secretary and treasurer) up to a maximum of 7 members. 

Reimbursement policy
Board members do not receive a financial reward for their activities for Africa In Motion. However, they do have the right to receive a reimbursement for the costs they made for Africa In Motion. 

Strategic plans
Strategic plan 2015 – 2018

Annual reports
Annual report 2011 – 2014
Annual report 2015-2016

Financial overviews
Financial overview AIM 2012-2019