Robin Bukenya has been working in the field of international cooperation for over 10 years. His main focus has (action) research and the facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes. Being part of the founding of Africa in Motion, he has built a vast network and variety of competencies to engage with di&erent sectors, organizations and institutions mainly playing an active role in the facilitation of a more equitable relationship between Europe and Africa.

At Africa in Motion he has been responsible for the coordination of joint-research projects between African and Dutch Universities. He is driven by the notion that the vast wealth (material and immaterial) of the African continent, if well distributed, will serve sustainable interests of not only Africa but the entire globe. Currently, he is also coordinating a multi-stakeholder research process of the project ‘Beyond Fair Trade’ between Wageningen University and Africa in motion, looking at ways of increasing the processing of cocoa in Ghana.