We are thrilled to invite you to a unique event on January 16, 2024, where SDG Café, in
collaboration with the Max van der Stoel Foundation (FMS) and Africa In Motion (AIM), will
unveil the groundbreaking Equal Trade Certification. This innovative economic model is
poised to effectively address the persistent challenges of underdevelopment in Africa and
revolutionize the trade dynamics between Europe and the African continent.

This special SDG Café gathering will bring together a diverse range of stakeholders, including Diaspora’s organizations from Africa and the Caribbeans, NGOs, civil society organizations, youth groups, women’s rights advocates, umbrella organizations, parliamentarians, academic institutions, African diplomats, and other engaged parties.

Together, we will delve into a central question: How can we shape the Equal Trade
Certification based on principles of solidarity, enabling Africa to reduce its dependence on
foreign aid and collaboratively, with partners like Europe, embark on a journey toward
creating prosperity?
For more information: Omschrijving Equal Trade Certificering – NL

We look forward to your presence at this event!

Venue: Humanity House The Hague, 16:00 – 19:00


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