For years, relentless efforts have been made to combat extreme poverty among cocoa
farmers in Ghana, an essential link in the multi-billion dollar chocolate industry. Yet, despite
these endeavors, poverty remains unchanged. On November 18, 2023, Africa In Motion will
unveil the ‘Equal Trade Chocolate Tastes Better’ campaign, dedicated to creating a cocoa
industry free from poverty.
This innovative and all-encompassing initiative seeks to address the root causes of extreme
poverty, tackling issues like child labor, environmental degradation, gender inequality,
irregular migration, brain drain and a myriad of other challenges. The time for change is now,
and it begins with your participation.
Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the solution. Register here for this engaging session
and join the generation dedicated to forging a world where inequality is a thing of the past.

Featured Speakers:
Max Koffi (Africa In Motion)
Samira Rafaela (D66 Member of the European Parliament)

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