Ghanaian Cocoa - A Road Beyond Fair?

Is Cocoa fair?

The Netherlands is the main importer of cocoa, and 85% of the beans come from West Africa, after which it then truly starts to be processed and its significant value addition begins.

How fair is fair trade? Can you be part of paving new pathways of creating more equity and value in Ghana to such a globally indispensable product, chocolate! And which role can the African Diaspora play in such investments and partnerships? We have already started on this path.

Africa in Motion together with the Science shop of Wageningen University  have initiated a project to actively set new examples of how to add value to the cocoa value chain in Ghana and the Netherlands (Europe) also incorporating the expertise and networks of African Diaspora.

We believe and have experienced that through action and example(s) such change for more equitable trade can be achieved. We therefore reach out to all relevant and active stakeholders in the cocoa value chain in Ghana and the Netherlands. This includes African Diaspora and Dutch entrepreneurs but also all decision-makers across the private and public sectors.

Should you feel inclined to be part of or are already actively engaged in changing the cocoa sector we would like to gather minds, tools and organizations such as yourself to make it happen. Are you seeking to invest be it mind or resources but still searching for a worthy cause and partners?

At the Wageningen University we will host a day / half day long networking and practical session where the first steps of this desired change will be initiated. We have at our disposal all University resources, research and networks of expertise. Furthermore, the networks of Africa in Motion and its current and past projects serve as a examples and a foundation to build upon. A similar event will simultaneously be hosted in Ghana with relevant stakeholders across sectors  after which a process of collaboration and joint-action will ensue. The aim is that we offer the space and networks for the (entrepreneurial) example of change that YOU will define in group(s) to be realised.

Then your mind and hands are most welcome.

25th November

Wageningen University

Send an email to expressing your interest and the relation of yourself, company, organization or institution and we will further inform you about its content.  Should you have any thoughts, ideas or sharpening critiques please do not hesitate to share. We don’t determine the direction and thus remain open to all input.

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