Faustina Obeng Adomaa is a Ghanaian social research scientist. She is passionate about aboutvalue chains that are inclusive and enable all actors to benefit from the processes and outcomes of their participation in such chains. She has been researching into the cocoa value chain in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire and the shea value chain in Ghana and Burkina Faso. Her research on cocoa has focused on studying cocoa farming as one of the oldest form of commercial agriculture in Ghana, its myths and realities, its gendered dynamics, its place in the economy of farming households and its effects on households’ livelihood and food security. She has conducted case study researches on the trajectory of youth involvement in cocoa farming and the persistent farmer indebtedness in the cocoa sector. Her current research focuses on:

  1. The embeddedness of service delivery initiatives to smallholder cocoa farmers in Ghana.
  2. Inclusiveness of sustainability and certification programmes in the cocoa sector in Ghana.
  3. The convention-practice interface around good agricultural practices in cocoa farming.
  4. The role of purchasing clerks (middlemen) in Ghana’s cocoa value chain.
  5. The political economy of cocoa swollen shoot viral disease (CSSVD) and its empirical manifestations on changing land relations