The research aims to understand transnational entrepreneurship and transnational partnerships, especially of African Diaspora, that contribute to more equal transnational relationships and a resignification of ‘fair trade’.

Research Questions:

  • How do grassroots transnational entrepreneurship or partnerships emerge, that challenge the hegemonic interpretation of ‘fair trade’ and that experiment with forms of co-ownership and what promotes and prohibits this development?
  • How is the discourse on ‘fair trade’ changing from the perspective of African farmers and other labourers and/or African Diaspora?

The research will be followed on a distance by an advisory committee . This committee will give suggestions and recommendations to, and will look after, the scientific quality and continuation of the project. The committee consists of the researcher(s), commissioner, supervisor(s), project coordinator of the Science Shop, coordinator of the Science Shop and experts. The estimated meeting frequency is once each three months. The committee will meet at least three times during the project.

The results will be presented in different formats, namely:

1) a policy brief on the enabling environment for transnational entrepreneurship and partnerships with African Diaspora, and

2) a scientific paper that provides in-depth information and that endorses the policy brief, and

3) an artistic presentation/performance to support a societal debate about the resignification of fair trade.