Elisabeth Ofosuah Obeng is an Italian born of Ghanaian origins currently living in the Netherlands. She has a double Masters degree in Agricultural Economics and Rural policy from Wageningen University and Research (Wageningen, The Netherlands) and in Management and Economics of the Agri-Food System from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Cremona, Italy). Elisabeth has worked in various capacities in research consultancy and agri-food chains, partnering with both European and African organisations.

During these experiences Elisabeth increased her knowledge on sustainable development of agri-food chains in emerging markets for products such as tropical fruits and tomatoes. She also gained in depth knowledge of the functioning of the meat and livestock supply chains in Europe and in Italy, and engaged in creating business contacts with actors of the sector in West African and Central African countries.

Currently, Elisabeth is involved in projects that aim at connecting local Ghanaian artisans and the fashion industry in Italy (Milan), together with a team of experts of the sector. Elisabeth’s future ambition is to become an expert economist, cultural and business facilitator between Ghanaian actors and European actors. She strongly believes that her cultural background can be of high importance in supporting her ambition.

During her free time Elisabeth enjoys playing the piano, spending time with her family and friends and having fun through new experiences.